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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 13, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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traffic building but no major problems. we have an accident reported 646 at prospect road at bay road a single vehicle that is actually in a ditch there. also, a disabled vehicle at 895 southbound at the harbor tunnel at the toll plaza. no lane information yet but not too much of a problem. back to you. >> thanks. with gas prices so high, the last thing you probably want to hear is about more fees going up. it's a real possibility especially if you pass tolls in maryland. abc2 news linda so is live near fort mchenry to explain. linda. >> reporter: there's a proposal to raise toll fees across the board here in maryland that would essentially raise the fee at all tolls including right here at the fort mchenry tunnel. it cost two bucks each way to cross the tunnel, but under the proposal that, fee would go up to $3 in october and then another increase to $4 in 2013. it is part of a plan to raise toll fees across the board in
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maryland. the state prance pour station authority -- transportation authorities is -- authority is considering the plan in two- phases. the first increase later in october and another hike two years later in mid-2013. drivers who use the tolls on a daily basis say they can't afford to be slapped with another fee. >> with things being so expensive as they are right now including health insurance and that kind of thing, it's just too much, too soon and it would be nice if they would hold off on raising things for now. >> reporter: okay. so here's breakdown. if the plan is approved, the biggest increase will happen at the bay bridge. right now, it cost $2.50 each wear but they he want to raise it to 5 bucks in october and then to $8 in 2013. the fort mchenry tunnel, the harbor tunnel and the key bridge will also be affected. the current $2 toll will jump to $3 in october. and $4 in 2013 and the price will also go up for the toll on 95 in perryville.
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right now, it's $5 but that will change to $6 in october and then to $8 in 2013. now you will get a chance to sound off on the proposed hikes. the transportation authority will officially start to review the plan sometime in june. they will be -- there will be several public meetings where you can have your say and the final vote will come in august. live at fort mchenry tunnel, linda so, abc2 news. word that charges are pending in a bus crash that happened on the eastern shore. the bus was carrying students from a elementary school to a field trip to the national zoo. state police say an suv pulled out in front of the bus causing it to swerve and hit a pole and overturn. police say the bus had the right of way and ten adults and seven children were take toabt hospital. one woman was flown to shock -- taken to the-- taken to the hospital. one woman was flown to shock trauma. this weekend could be especially troubling for state
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of louisiana as the corps of engineers and state leaders face a difficult decision. new orleans and baton rouge or some of the smaller towns to besacrificed. sherrie johnson is here to explain what's going into the decision. >> reporter: yes, the swollen mississippi big problems this morning and now rain has added even more concerns. in louisiana, there are tough choices to be made. whether toic that drastic measures to prevent greater suffering later. the heart of the flood zone is stephensonville louisiana where the clock is ticking -- ticking. it's one of several towns that could be swept away. a decision that could be made soon to save the bigger cities. if and when they decide to open them, watter will spill from their condition condition water will spill from -- water will spill from there and to the farmland flooding an area 100 miles long displacing 2500 people. if it stays closed, it could
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cause to prepares and failures in the worst case scenario would flood baton rouge and this would leave a disaster worse than hurricane katrina. >> we have to take that emotion and aircraft and energy and get ready for the storm water and to move their property out of harm's way. >> reporter: that was the governor speaking and he also urges people to stay calm. today is moving day. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's four minutes after five the for the next couple weeks, we are giving away a free $100 gas card. so, you have to watch starting at 4:30 in the morning and we will give you a dealy -- daily code word and throughout the day what you do is text the code word to the number on the screen and it's 46988 or you can enter it online to you must note code word to enter and we are going to pick a winner every day at 3:30.
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good luck. they were considered more of a nuisance bug than anything else. >> but coming up, could the toonie creatures be affecting your health more than you think? >> she is due to give birth. will they be the new stars of the yard. >> i love this story. >> i do too. >> we will tell you all about it when "good morning maryland" returns. so, i get claritin clear. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms. and only claritin is proven to keep you as alert and focused as someone without allergies. no other brand can say that not even allegra. live claritin clear. [cheering] listen to it. almost sounds like cheering. well, here's something you can applaud. hooray, bacon!
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only at denny's.
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now "good morning maryland." all right megan you may have to help me with this one. >> you don't like bed bugs. >> no. a story that might give you the creeps. a small study shows that bed bugs could carry mrsa or might scratch people causing them to itch so much and open themselves up to other skin infections. that is gross. >> that's gross. disgusting but scientists say more research is needed to learn more about the possible link. so, look forward to that news. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we are looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar showing rain back towards the
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west. we will watch the showers. a little wet in the western half of howard county. some parts of southern carroll county and east of frederick. this band is slide together south. and probably is going to miss the baltimore region but making it damp outside. we will check this out in the wider view. you can see how the stuff seems to be falling apart but giving a hint of more moisture out there. official temperatures 60 in baltimore and 62 in hagerstown and 57 york, pa we are losing the grip of the gorgeous weather and skies mostly cloudy. in fact overcast this morningwith a peek of sun. it may boost to 70 but it will be a struggle a breezy damp day and a high only near 70 bringing in showers and late day storms. let's go back to tonya hutchins with a look at the roads. >> reporter: good morning. thanks. starting to look a little bit more traffic out there. but a few more cars going out there. i can talk. it is friday the 13th. maybe that's why i can't talk. 59 north of 195, heavier traffic to the left of the screen with the oncoming traffic heading southbound. northbound a little lighter.
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all the cones should be out of your way passing the beltway and head toward caton avenue. 895 southbound at the harbor tunnel we have a disabled vehicle there. look for the flashing lights to the right of the toll plaza. no major problems in terms of getting by. all of the traffic to the left is getting by with no problem. we will check back in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. ten minutes after five. this is a story of the day. there is a new mascot right now at camden yards. >> bird isn't it? >> as it bird up against the warehouse. we found this mama duck ready to give birth. somebody set up a little makeshift stable and there's a do not disturb sign right there. as the duck sits there, and waits for the big delivery day. >> look at them eggs. that's neat. who laid them and i said the duck flying around in the neighborhood. >> the duck has been there two weeks and hopefully by next week she will have given birth to the all star squad.
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>> the o's have been playing better since the duck has been there. lots of mystery and adventure for summer vacation. >> the experience may be at your fingertips if you have a smart phone. the new app that can help you get the most out of your travel plans. and going once, going twice, the festive fascinateor of a hat that could be yours. we will show you how you could own -- would you have one of those? >> absolutely i need it for the preakness. >> that? >> yes. >> oh.
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now "good morning maryland." welcome back. there's big changes coming to the towson library. they underwent renovation to improve the children teen and magazine section. and new light fixtures and carpeting. the renovation cost a little more than $#00,000 -- $200,000. and there's talk of doing 600 million dollars worth of renovations for baltimore city
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circuit court. under the plan a. new courthouse would be built for criminal justice cases. and the mitchell courthouse would get a face lift and be home to juvenile and family court and courthouse east would have orphan court and other divisions. officials have to figure out how and if they can pay for the plan. summer travel season is just around the corner and more smart phone apps will let tourist ditch the generic tour guides and add more mystery and maybe more fun to the trip. whether it's overseas or closer to home, some travelers want more from a destination. then just a major tourest attraction. so next expedition experience from american express travel draws on the social media styleed personality quiz. it will design the mystery locations that you visit and the things you do while there. >> they made a trip that was for me i got to go to a fashion house i mean i. would have never done that on my own. i would get you know, 30
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updates a day with places to go. and coy sift through and say i personally would rather do this over that. >> the domestic trips start for $1,000, 2500 for international. for travelers on their own, the mo app can make you feel in the know with restaurants and hotels and sights and friends you like. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> it's 5:16 a.m. but check this out. the wind for change visit to westminster west middle school yesterday, we had tropical storm. 53. give it up. 53. >> we got 100 middle schoolers going wild. she started off with 43 miles per hour. and her mom wrote me on facebook before the visit and said go ahead and embarrass my daughter but i think she do a
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good job. she did. in addition to that the girls ruled the roost. 196 dollar the top fund-raiser. still collecting the funds. school total early estimate from the teacher is 1600 dollars. that's higher than the estimate that it's had. but they have to collect the money and since january, over 11,000 dollars raised for the cool kids campaign. we have a few more schools and this will culminate with my race the baltimore 10 miler next month where i will get to raise 1 dollar for every person i pass starting from last place. it's been a good showing and i appreciate the help from everybody that's been involved. more coming up and throughout the morning. let's talk about this. look at the thunderstorms on top of the mississippi river. now this is through arkansas and tennessee. and then flowing its way downstream. they just had the peak near memphis and they are getting more water on top of that. and this is generally half inch to one inch rain producer but could reswell some of the waterways towards the mississippi and into louisiana.
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locally, the warm surge pushes out ahead of it a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and you can see cloud cover and spotty showers. nothing substantial. unfortunately, it is going to be coming towards the weekend. what we had the last four or five days has been fantastic. quite the opposite. to date, scattered showers developed. tomorrow morning, there's races that get underway. and there will be scattered showers and a dampness in the air and hit or miss variety. it's probably going to flare- up. a good chance we get locally heavy rain producers during the afternoon tomorrow and take it into sunday morning a lot of road races and 5ks and maryland half and scattered showers even though the future radar highlights it back toward the west. today 70 at best. mostly cloudy skies. chance of a thunderstorm popping up in the afternoon. tonight, a push of rain towards morning. if you going out for the run or any of the races, including that triathlon there, could be dampness around. 60. degrees. runners don't like to get wet
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because the shoes turn into cement block. looks like on and off showers, 68 degrees. thunderstorms likely into the afternoon. and take this with a grain of salt. but every single day we have a threat of thunderstorms. look at that. it's been dry sings last weekend and looks like we are in the 70s -- it's been dry since last weekend but looks like we are in the 70s all week. >> reporter: let's look at the west side of the beltway. no problems to report. outer loop on the left and inner loop on the right. more volume but no lanes are blocked at all as you head from 795 towards 70. we do have just had an accident cleared at harbor tunnel southbound 895 that had been over on the right side southbound. all the flashing lights are gone. and you shouldn't have problem heading through either tunnel. we have an accident at harford county prospect road at bay road. back to you guys. >> all right.
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thanks a lot. birthday time. 5:19. demonte armstrong turns 12 today. also elainea wasn't able to send a photograph in but we certainly want to wish her a very special happy birthday on this friday the 13th. and our picture of the day we told you about a japanese boat on the top of a home. look at this. following the tsunami this year but that is closer look at it. japanese self-defense forces soldiers watched cranes lift the boat from the top of a two- story building to the ground this week. i if you have a -- if you have a interesting photo, tell us, anniversaries, pets, birthdays, it can be the picture of the day. send it to morning show at and give us the facts behind the picture so we canpass it along. time for entertainment news. mary tyler moore will undergo surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. there's no word on when the
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operation is going to take place. the 74-year-old is best known for her role on the dick vandyke show and mary tyler moore show. nick cannon and his wife mariah carey welcome the twins monroe and morroccan into the world last month. now, he talked about how the family came together for the very special delivery. >> we took over the entire hospital. like, we got the mariah wing, like you get off the hospital and we have 7 rooms and we are living at the hospital. it's my mom got a room, the dog's got a doggy hospital. it's everybody is there. >> cannon appeared on the tbs show george lopez tonight promoting the comedy album. that goes on sale next week. gonna need the money. twins. >> that's all right. well it's the hat that everybody keeps talking about. not the one you are look at but that one right there -- looking at but that one could be yours.
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princess beatrice her eye popping head topper is a fascinateor it's to explain to charlee what -- charley what it is. it will be auctioned off to raise money for unicef for children in cries nice we go for sweat stain and ball cap, oriole, keep it simple. >> now you know. fascinateor. >> police do need your help he this morning to find a piece of baseball history. this is just amazing. coming up, what they are looking for and who once owned it and why it's so important to get back. and they pointed a gun at her and took her purse. how you can help police nap the crooks caught on tape. we will tell you when "good morning maryland" returns.
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all right. welcome back. this morning baltimore police are trying to track down a piece of sports history. authorities say that a championship ring earned by amateur baseball coach and orioles scout walters house was stolen this month. investigators are looking for
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fingerprints from the glass case and they are reviewing tape from security cameras there as well. take a close look at this video. the harford county sheriff office says those men are suspects. they are accused of robbing a woman in the abington target park lot. they pointed a gun at her and stole a purse. they want to find out who did that. she thought she found the perfect parking spot and went about her business. >> coming up, how much that spot could end up costing her. plus one super hero was not about to get any loving from one community. but we will tell you all about that. first, new york with a look at this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites the refuelry between google and facebook -- rivalry between google and facebook is heating up. facebook says it was not a smear campaign against google but they wanted to highlight possible privacy concerns. smart phones are easier to carry or put in your pocket but
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may be hard to see. the samsung infuse is at the other end of the spectrum featuring a large 4.5 inch screen and usa today says that's practically a tablet. >> the obvious reason for having a large screen is to consume movies or other media. and in fact, that is where the infuse really does shine. i watched the movies and videos on it and it was a really good experience. >> reporter: on the down side,he the large screens makes for a short battery like and less than crisp experience. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." terror attacks and
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assassinations. what osama bin laden's journal is revealing. a crackdown on cell phones and driving but what about texting, and talk while walking. one state is considering it. rising watter from the mississippi river brings misery to the south flooding homes and destroying farmland. many people wonder when or if they are going to get a break. those stories are ahead on this friday morning. happy fly and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. on the facebook fan page we are asking you friday the 13th, simple question. what are you aphrase of? >> are you super -- afraid of? >> are you superstition? >> let us know and we will check the weekend forecast with justin. >> i am afraid of showing my face around town. we had such a nice week. temperatures quite mild this morning. mugginess in the air. 53 on cool end up towards hereford. and edgewater and eldersbu


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